Welcome to the home of Boy Scout Troop 109!  A Connecticut Rivers Council Troop.

Boy Scout Troop 109 is chartered by Westchester Congregational Church. The Troop meets most Tuesday nights from 7:00 pm until 8:30 pm at Westchester Congregational Church located at 95 Cemetery Rd in Colchester.

Our Unit’s program focuses on character building, citizenship training, self-reliance, and physical and mental fitness. Each Scout is encouraged to grow at his own pace and gradually takes on increasing amounts of responsibility within the Troop.  Troop 109’s program is truly “Boy Led” while being supported by many Adult Leaders and Volunteers.

The Troop program is diverse and the Scouts themselves decide on locations and activities. From snow camping to cabin camping, the calendar has something for everyone.

Troop activities provide opportunities for boys to live the ideals of Scouting, to develop proficiency in outdoor and practical life skills, to explore career possibilities and to gain leadership experience.

Troop 109’s program is designed for boys aged 10 through 17 and recognizes the value of their various academic and personal commitments. Each Scout determines his own pace for rank advancement and designs his own agenda of participation in Troop activities.  Learning to work cooperatively in mixed-age patrols of boys and as a member of the Troop is at the heart of our Scouting Program at Troop 109.

Troop 109 is proud of our High Adventure Treks that we take every year. These Treks are the fruit of all of the effort that each participant puts forth to gain excellence in Scoutcraft Skills, Physical Fitness and Leadership.  It is the highest and most extreme use of everything that is learned over each Scout’s career and the memories gained and fellowship shared will last each Scout and Leader a lifetime. We most recently attended Philmont Scout Ranch, Maine Whitewater rafting, Cape Cod Rail Trail and the C&O Canal.

Our program has yielded many Eagle Scouts over the years but our primary focus is to produce great citizens within our community. Because our Scouts have fun and find personal fulfillment in our program, many of our boys stay with our Troop until they reach adulthood.  This is a testament to the Scouting Program and the support from all of the Adult Volunteers that give so generously of their time and resources.

The Troop embraces the Patrol method, where Scouts in groups of 8-10 cook their own meals, organize themselves, and coordinate their activities in conjunction with Troop activities. Scouts in our Troop have the opportunity to develop leadership skills through the Troop’s boy-led activities. Scouts in leadership roles meet monthly to plan and carry out the yearly Troop calendar. Once planned, the whole Troop participates in organizing the event and making it a success.

Feel free to contact me with any questions or to drop in to see a meeting in action. Prior Cub Scout or Boy Scout experience not needed, all boys between the ages of 11-17 are welcome to join.

Sincerely – Yours in Scouting

Jeff Tassmer


Scoutmaster Troop 109

Colchester, CT